Wednesday, March 4, 2009

15 Days and Counting!!!

By now all sisters should have their pictures taken and hopefully developed. If not please make sure that you get those completed. Heaven Night is getting closer and the excitement is filling the air! I speak for Jill and Myself when I tell you that we cannot wait. Please be sure to email one of us if you need anything at all. Please participate in the challenges and chances to win the grand prize. We are so looking forward to a fun-filled night. If you have not done so yet, be sure to get your list of items together in the email Jill sent out earlier and have your bag packed and ready to go.

Starting on Sunday we will have one last week of chances to earn tickets. We have given you as a group many earning opportunities, but beginning on Sunday morning you will find that there is one week filled with trivia and ONE person will win by answering correctly each time I ask a question. Be ready at all times of day to get the tickets!!! You may answer as many times as it takes to get the correct answer, but only one answer per post until I close the game and announce the winner of that game.

Get Ready!
Deborah and Jill

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