Friday, January 23, 2009

This Game is Closed New Game, New Game!!!

So I, Deborah, have this "thing" about bobbleheads here on the blog. Do you know what a bobble head is? It is our pledging sisters who have joined the blog here, but have no picture of themself! ARE WE NOT A SCRAPBOOKING SORORITY?!?! I KNOW you have pictures!

For each person who fixes that little problem then I will give you three tickets. For those of you who have already done it, well you cannot be left in the cold! You have already earned yourself three points! Whoohoo!

C'mon get out from behind the camera and show those pearly whites! Take a pic of yourself, it could even be your silly face one or no makeup/no fixed up hair(hint hint)!

Big Sis

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GAME CLOSED Thanks for playing

Can you guess the song in my head in this pic?

Happy Wednesday Sisters!

Okay so can you tell me what song is going through my head in this pic? If so you earn 10 tickets!

In case we forgot to mention, the rules to this game are simple, once we post the pic you have until we post the next pic to guess the answer, via e-mail, but once we post the next one the other one is closed!

The answer to the last pic was the Kmart at Jeff Davis and Route 10, and we ate at Pizza Hut! Congrats to all those that earned tickets!

Bonus question, if you can tell me the **real** name of Charles, from the sitcom "Charles in Charge" you will get 2 tickets!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Game For Ya that is worth MORE tickets!!!

It is an ABC Game. I will start with the letter A and name something scrapbook related that starts with letter A. If you are the next in line then you name something with letter B, again it must be scrapbook related. Keep playing until we make it through the alphabet. Play as often as you like but not two times in a row. Those who play will receive Mickey Points from me. Answer directly on this post, not in email or on the Yahoo group.

Mickey Points? You will have to wait and see :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

GAME CLOSED, Thanks for playing!!!

Can you tell me where this picture was taken? It will earn you 10 tickets! Look for clues in the pic!!!

Bonus, Deborah and I had lunch a buffet, with bread sticks......if you can guess where, you get 5 tickets!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!