Friday, February 13, 2009

CLOSED Baby Guessing

Want to earn some MORE tickets for that awesome Heaven Night Goodie Basket? All you need to do is guess Baby Spain's weight and his arrival time. Guesses will stop being allowed the minute I hear that she has delivered so now is your chance. If you have read the email his mommy sent through then you know that she is due to be induced next week. Hurry with your guesses! The closest person to guessing each will get 10 tickets!

You can add them right here on the blog instead of emailing them this time :)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Did You see this?

Okay, so to the right in this pic is the grand prize for Heaven Night.......and that tote is PACKED to the hilt! Valued at over $100 and you have a better chance of winning it if you are earning tickets by participating in the challenges and playing along with the games on the blog!

To the left in that picture is the Guard Dog of the Grand Prize, if you can tell me his NAME and guess his weight (give or take 3 pounds) I will give you 5 tickets (2 tickets for the Name and 3 tickets for the weight)!!!

Also, if you are here you can hear the song playing, if you can't hear it then turn on your speakers, if you can tell me the name of the movie this song was in, you will get 5 tickets!

Email your answer to!!